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Prabhat Productions is producing a Short Film named – YouTube Cockroaches. This Viral Movie will Coming Soon on YouTube Channel Indian Prime Video. Story of YouTube Cockroaches is based on YouTube Viewers who become Addict of YouTube Videos.

This YouTube Channel is well known for Viral Movie & Viral Song.

Everyone has their first YouTube video just for recreation, it might be a music video suggested by a friend or their favourite player’s sixes in a cricket match. Well, all addictions start the same way, unforeseen, out of innocence just like the first pack of alcohol that your friend makes or first puff of his ciggrate that you take. But gradually first turns into second then third and more and more until you forget the counting. Similiar is the youtube you watch one video and it suggests you the second and third and fourth until the 5 minutes video you started eats up several hours of yours. 

No doubt youtube is there for help, to learn how to cook, to get information on space missions, to listen news, to be aware of the world and to share your talent but yes it spellbounds everybody, attracts you to the core of the hurricane and in a flick you get vanished. While some people have a lot in their lives that they get no “me” time to waste but some loner’s void is filled with all the unhelpful but interesting content on youtube. 

YouTube Cockroaches re unaware when the dark night ends and the sun rises again. They are unaware of the real life going on the street just outside their windows. They just lie on their bed with the same poker face watching all types of emotional content.

Some people even dont realise that there is an addiction, they watch it to run from loneliness, anxiety and recurring negative thoughts. And when one is being ignorant of the real situation it just worsens with time. And some people dont have any particular type of content they watch, they like all the content available, either it’s a documentary of ancient civilisation, a cute dog playing around, prank videos or tiktok’s roast by carryminati. Some people cannot even watch a full video of 1 hr continuously but yes 20 videos of 3 minutes each non stop, well its psychology. 

Because YouTube Cockroaches are always searching for some interesting content and they have watched a whole amount of versatile reel videos, now they can even predict what is going to happen next. Some people will watch how bad eating habits affects health yet they will always eat junk food, they will watch how yoga and morning walks helps you physically and gives mental peace yet they will watch videos all night and then wake up late just to run hastily to their work, the point is there is no learning happening either, so what’s the goal?

At this point it is very important for one to control this habituation, either one can develop a hobby of reading books, going on a walk, going gym or just cleaning own house because an addiction comes with a habit of procrastination and then the person becomes a mess. Before all this one thing is necessary that you must remain away from the internet, all the mobile gadgets.

 It seems impossible today but it is. Change all your learning stuff from phone to books, play more, go out more, do everything you can to stay away from mobile phone.

Youtube is not only wasting your time, it’s more harmful. First; it is stealing time from your life as various studies suggest the negative effects of watching screens either tv, mobile or laptop. It strains your eyes, weakens eyesight, while sitting for a long time or lying in the same position slows down the blood circulation and many diseases born inside the body including the fact that you gain weight. Weight gain is the most obvious outcome as binge watching goes hand in hand with munching chips and cold drinks and all the packed stuff, as you skip cooking also.

Not only these changes in the body (internally and externally) affects your mental health, makes you self conscious and when you know you are almost not doing anything it steals your confidence too. Second; its killing your imagination, your creativity, your cognitive ability. Say you got a math problem and you try once and you could not solve it, the next thing you will do is search its solution with explanation on YouTube and here your growth ended. If you do not have used youtube, you would solve it by yourself, yes it would take much time, but you would have the confidence to confront next problem. These are the small actions that makes you or destroys you bit by bit. So, it is very important that you do organize your time well, you must figure out your priorities. Assign a fixed time for watching youtube, if it’s all necessary and do obey that rule, because there is a huge amount of content on youtube.

A type of content is made for a particular type of audience and when one person is consuming all, neither he will be able to store that much information nor it will be productive or beneficial in any way. And the fact is that an addicted person is not interested in watching but in wasting time, running from responsibilities and real problems of life while appreciating the documentary video of soldiers winning the battles, it’s not going to work in any way. These people are similar to cockroaches, just that as it becomes dark they feed on youtube content subconsciously and when one does not take this seriously or does not acknowledge this habit he is going to be all over the youtube, day and night destructing himself. 

The truth is by having a youtube addiction, you are missing onto life, the talks with your loved ones, the walks in nature, meeting new people in a music class, kicking the negative energy with zumba trainer, having a cup of coffee without any noise and so many.

Here is your wake up call, examine the problem. Its never too late, there is always time to think and get better. There is always a solution to every problem and it’s on you either you want to follow it or not.

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