Work from Home : Future of Livelihood

Will work from home be the future of earning a livelihood?

The world changed suddenly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Life was thrown out of gear and social distancing became the new norm. COVID-19 has forced people to restrict their lives to the confines of their homes. Almost the entire workforce of the country is doing work from home. The world had never seen an exercise of this magnitude. People over the last few months have learned that most work can be done from home.

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However, what started as a few weeks of working from home has changed the future of the work. It is said that 25-30% of the company’s workforce in India may continue to work from home till the end of the ongoing fiscal year and the expectations are that the future will be a mix of ‘physical’ and ‘remote’ working.

When we look at the diverse work force of various industries, there are some task that cannot be done from home, like people working as delivery agents, or those working in beauty salons or people in hotels and restaurants. So, it’s time now to really look at a work from home lifestyle.

People who are working from home need to be skillful in communication and they must be well resourced for the work they are supposed to do. When the entire company is working from home, there comes the question of building trust in the frame. As of now, all the employers are keen on making work from home coherent and smooth, developing trust between manager and employees in a remote working environment is necessary. Apart from giving employees with permission to work in collaboration, the companies have provided employees access to the significant and sensitive information.

Today, we have a great opportunity to make India more inclusive. The government has a role to play. Some steps have been taken, including last-mile connectivity to the villages through Bharat Net. Availability of internet to each and every household, along with the gadgets to work are the first and foremost priority. And the implementation of some of these facilities has been very patchy across different States. And untill unless this does not happen there is no future of “working from home” India.

Work from home is not a new concept to some companies, but Covid-19 has hastened the process. Feasibility and comfort depends on various factors like where you live, rural or urban and the state you are from, the social and economic background of yours etc.

Work from home in India would bring a major change in social norms in the coming years, women who work from home and do domestic work also are going to be more hard pressed to combine it with the workplace responsibilities. Not only this affects office workers but majorly teachers, and teacher and students relationship. The teacher who can teach with any method she/he is comfortable with or the way he/she handles the children, is now and will be constantly judged by the parents. This also brings a big gap between teacher and student.

While some love to work from home, others miss the professional working space, the ambience also affects the efficiency of work. In work areas, people not only work, they interact with their colleagues and not just discuss work but share their lows and highs.

Human beings are social creatures, a lot of work we do includes sitting with each other, talking to each other and learning from each other. In education, a lot of learning happens outside the classroom. Online teaching closes that field completely. It would affect the social and behavioural growth of children, the basic art of making friends, building trust, helping and so on.

Work from home in all over the world has its positives, and negatives that could be worked out. It’s now just a matter of time in which India would evolve to be an efficient work force.

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