Wave of Fame Viral Song Fadfadaa

Wave of Fame : Viral Song Fadfadaa

Glowing Star – Prabhat Kumar Mishra

Wave of Fame Viral Song Fadfadaa
Fadfada Bhai Fadfada

Wave of Fame starts with Viral Song Fadfadaa when Glowing Star Prabhat Kumar Mishra perform. Song is Sung, Written, Composed and Choreographed by Prabhat Kumar Mishra. The song highlights are use of Thumb, use of Push & Pull and use of Neck in new Dance Style “Fadfadaa”. Any Body Can Dance on this Fadfadaa Dance Style. Lungi Dance become past because of Fadfadaa Dance.

Brands, services, celebrities and even law enforcement agencies on Saturday jumped on to the #Fadfadaa meme bandwagon — a bizarre, though hilarious trend sparked off by a single youtube comment.

The trend sparked off after YouTube channel Indian Prime Video uploaded a video where the channel creators Prabhat Kumar Mishra explored the comment section on their videos. Under thousands of videos, people noticed a comment by #Fadfadaa, who just wrote Hindi Film “Fadfadaa” name after viewing Title Song of the Movie as the comment. This Film will be released in 2021 in all over World.

Soon, many Indian YouTubers noticed Fadfadaa being written all over their comments. From there, the trend picked up and dominated social media. Afterthat all Youtubers Roast Fadfadaa title song. Soon, many searching keywords goes trending like “Fadfada”, “Fadfada Bhai Fadfada”, “Fad Fad Fad Fadfada”, “Phadphada”, “Phadphada” and many more keywords.

The trend dominated Roasters and become viral on Social Media. Also various brands and services stepping in to use it for promotions, and police forces using it to spread awareness.

Many internet users jumped up the bandwagon by changing its official username / nickname to Fadfadaa on the suggestions of the friends.

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