Nudity Drugs and Prostitution in Film Industry

Nudity Drugs  and Prostitution

Nudity Drugs and Prostitution are common in movies today but they are more common for Earning money and getting a role in Real Life of the film industry.

Indian film industry is a multi-million dollars industry producing an average of 1800 films per year. Movie actors and actresses not only bring fame to india through cinema but also represent India across the world in various international platforms and organisations.

Although from outside, our film industry seems to be a perfect world of lights and beauty but the reality inside is pretty far from it.

There was a time when audiences used to think that any character played by an actor was his true self and they used to admire those actors who played the role of a hero in movies and detest actors who played a villain or any negative role. And this feeling used to be very deep before but today, we, with all the paparazzi and social media, know very well about the actors and what is going on in their lives and with whole lot of film industry gossip channels, we get to know their true selves.

Today every actor’s private life, his habits, addictions and other businesses comes to audience’s knowledge frequently and so the not so bright side of film industry.

Nudity Drugs and Prostitution are common in movies today but they are more common in the film industry. Bollywood recently came under highlight when Kangna Ranaut said that 90% of the bollywood is drug addict and this news is no surprise as India has a widespread drug problem.

It’s obvious that after all the struggles and then sudden whole lot of money and insane fame take many stars to this road. From debutant actors to big stars, everybody in the line has been accused of being involved in the drug and prostitution rackets. These things may not come daily on news and people are arrested and released because of deep connections with politicians and media houses but are exposed now and then and then a layman, a die hard fan of a star gets to know the dark side of the film industry; a flawed world of gloominess and thirst for money and fame.

It’s well known how rapidly success changes into losses in bollywood, a big box office star could give a statement or have an argument with an influencer and with all the politics his next movie will be a flop or he will never get another chance there.

And again with these highs and lows and easily accessible drugs, it becomes an outsider’s only friend among the strangers, this is a whole big vicious circle. It seems so strange how this forever growing family (as they call it in award nights) rarely supports each other, going ahead of their personal gains.

Bollywood is not only a drug user but also has people who run a drug cartel across the big city and state. These illegal businesses give a whole lot of money thus power to them across the country.

Prostitution brings yet another ill fame to this industry. Earning money and getting a role through nudity and prostitution is common in all the film industries since their onset and it will be a part of it until unless people in power care for real talent. Here prostitution has mainly two forms in the film industry – 1) man or woman who put their foot on the ladder of selling their bodies to everybody to reach the top. 2) business of selling new struggling actresses to the foreigners with bait of getting fame.

Now-a-days, news of actresses involved in sex scandals are on the rise. Time and again there have been reports of some actresses or the other running brothels or being involved in sex trade, especially in tamil and telugu industry. And here again it flashes us the murky side of show business.

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