MISUSE OF LAW IN INDIA : Increase in False Cases


MISUSE OF LAW IN INDIA: Increase in False Cases of Rape and Eve-Teasing. Hindi Movie Fadfadaa is a Revenge Story of an Innocent man who is charged in False Rape Case.

MISUSE OF LAW in India increases rapidly because of Increase in False Cases of Rape and Eve-Teasing.

In today’s scenario, menace of false eve-teasing, sexual harrassment and rape cases are becoming too common. Among all the efforts to make india a safe place for women to live, the biggest obstacle to tackle is woman who play with laws and public sentiments for personal agenda.

After 2012 Delhi gang rape, many false cases of rapes were filed to get the same sympathy and attention. Police records show that 10 percent of the rape charges filed are false while more than 33000 rape cases are filed everyday in india, think of the men who get falsely convicted everyday by the society.

We see many video of women giving false rape charges threat to man to put pressure on him, to make him do what she wants.

Recently a video went viral where a woman was giving false rape charge threat to bank employees ( who came for loan recovery) and the scared men pleaded with joined hands, touched her feet not to do that.

Many cases come ahead today where women falsely accuse men for material gains, alibi, revenge, to get away with loan money and sometimes to deliberately denigrate the image of a good man in the society and to mentally disturb him.

For a long time, false charges of rape or eve-teasing have been taken lightly by the court but they are extremely cruel because “a man is guilty until proven innocent”. Such false charges many a times have false witnesses too and then there is no place for a man other than jail but what happens when the charges are proved false is equally worse.

The woman gets away with it most of the times and the man’s life is destroyed forever. He is disregarded by his own family, he loses all his friends, he cannot get a job, he cannot live a day without being judged with flesh eating eyes and abusing mouths. Social media and news platforms have intensifies the sufferings of these victims.

There are many false charges that go viral across the social media and then the victims are discussed, called with names everyday on the tv, are chased by the cameras everywhere, given murder threats, people pelt stones on them and their houses. Think, what mental pain they go through everyday, the agony they face by every person.

In may 2020, Manav Singh, a student of class 12th committed suicide after being accused by a girl of sexual assault on social media, that boy was later proved innocent. Saravjeet singh, another victim of this menace, who struggled 3 years to get acquitted because jasleen kaur did not attended the court hearings. He was called eve-teaser, pervert, falsely accused of sexual harrassment on a traffic signal in west delhi, via a facebook post where she also put a picture of him clicked at the signal. Seeing a potential viral story for TRP, every media house ran that aggressively and in few hours he lost his dignity.

A delhi high court in 2017 said, “false rape charge humiliates a person and harms his reputation and a woman cannot escape criminal proceedings for the offence and such cases waste the precious judicial time by making a mockery of the system in which the police authority is also used on false information for which stern action must be taken”. But we all know how much is said and how much is done in india. The thing is where women today are still struggling to get equal rights to men, some women are taking advantage of the emotional support they have and then the question arises on the credibility of genuine rape charges and strong laws against rape accused. The menace of false rape accusations is equally heinous as rape and there is a need to put early check on this rising crime which may destroy fabric of society.

Though there is very less we can do to stop women who put false charges but the govt must put such women behind bars for perjury and mockery of court and misuse of law in India (See Video) and we, as a society need to respect every man before judging him, media trials have to stopped and we must not forget that every man is innocent until proven guilty by the law.

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