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Hindi Movie “Fadfadaa” is a Theatrical Movie based on an innocent person who is eager to take Revenge and become Psycho.

Songs of this hindi movie become popular because of Funny Dance Steps. Writer, Actor, Director, Producer Prabhat Kumar Mishra make this film under Prabhat Productions. Film will be released all over world in 2021.

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Artists: Prabhat Kumar Mishra, Vaishali Patil, Kavita Uniyal, Raja Bhargava, Pramod Kumar, Rakesh Kumar, Jasmer, Ravesh Dogra, Pravesh Babbar(Bheem), Ashok Dutta, Akiriti Sinha.

Lyricist: Prabhat Kumar Mishra, Devendra Dev, Sunita Kumari, Harbhajan Maan

Singer: Prabhat Kumar Mishra, Kavita Dey, Jeet BalsarPuri, Subhash Bhatnagar, Rahul Singh.

Choreographer: Prabhat Kumar Mishra, Sabah Bari Mayuri

Assistant Directors: Ravesh Dogra, Akiriti Sinha, Raja Bhargava.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Can Fadfadaa be watched with family?

The movie has lots of torture scenes and some strong dialogues, so avoid watching it with the kids, the movie is rated 18 Plus.

How is Fadfadaa movie?

Fadfadaa movie review: Its a revenge story of an innocent man who is eager to take revenge. With Vaishali Patil, Kavita Uniyal, Pramod Kumar, Raja Bhargava, Rakesh Kumar and Ravesh Dogra in the cast, attack on mind. Story revolves on unpredictable torture.

Is Fadfadaa movie copied?

Fadfadaa is a film of a rare kind; it is based on Torture and unsuccessful attempts to escape.
What happened to Prabhat Kumar Mishra in Fadfadaa?Prabhat Kumar Mishra plays role of an innocent man who comes out of jail and finds his past life is no longer his, though a chance encounter with a movie shooting reminds him of a life he could have. … Vaishali Patil plays Double Role of Twin Sisters.

Where was Fadfadaa filmed?

Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand.80% of the film shooting at Rose Rain studio, Hi5 Studio, Airfox Studio and Suman Farm House in Delhi.

Is Fadfadaa a web series or movie?

Fadfadaa is a Movie. Its a Psycho Thriller Revenge Story written, directed and produced by Prabhat Kumar Mishra under the banner of Prabhat Productions.

How long is Fadfadaa movie?

1h 58m 8s.

Fadfadaa/Running time

What is the story of Fadfadaa movie?

From a resurfaced real life to a reel life. Fadfadaa is a revenge story of an innocent man who is eager to take revenge. He torture for his satisfaction.

Is Fadfadaa a hit?

The film will become a huge hit among the audience who lauded the film’s narrative and storyline, Prabhat and Vaishali’s performances. 8 Songs of Fadfadaa Movie become popular which are already released on Indian Prime Video YouTube Channel.

Who played Gadar in Fadfadaa?

Pramod Kumar

Who played Leechad in Fadfadaa?

Raja Bhargava

Who played Jabar in Fadfadaa?

Rakesh Kumar

When will Fadfadaa release?

11 June 2021. Fadfadaa/Initial release

Has Fadfadaa release on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video or Disney Plus Hotstar?

The film will be released in Theaters Worldwide on June 11, 2021. Fadfadaa is written, directed and produced by Prabhat Kumar Mishra under the banner of Prabhat Productions.

What does Fadfadaa mean?

Unsuccessful Attempts to Escape from Torture.

At what time Fadfadaa will release on Theaters?

June 11, 2021
Prabhat Kumar Mishra directorial Fadfadaa featuring Prabhat Kumar Mishra, Vaishali Patil (in Double Role), Kavita Uniyal, Pramod Kumar, Raja Bhargava, Rakesh Kumar and Ravesh Dogra will be releasing on June 11, 2021.

Is Fadfadaa a word?

Yes, Meaning of Hindi / Urdu word Fadfadaa is Trying Unsuccessful Attempts.

Has Prabhat Kumar Mishra received any award for Fadfadaa Movie?
Yes. Prabhat Kumar Mishra received World Record award from International Book of Records for Fadfadaa Movie. Prabhat Kumar Mishra has created a world record of the International Book of Records with his film, Fadfadaa, by getting 21 credits in all for the film. He has broken the record of Jackie Chan who had got 15 credits for Chinese Zodiac.

The credits which Prabhat Mishra has got in Fadfadaa are as actor, fight director, stunt man, publicity designer, light & equipments, properties, art director, censor script, marketing head, choreographer, costume, catering, singer, lyrics, music composition, executive producer, story, screenplay, dialogues, producer and director.


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