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Indian Prime Video Movies Viral Song are producing by PRABHAT PRODUCTIONS and its subsidiary Indian Prime Video, Donors Club of India and Crime Alert TV. The most Prime Video Movies Viral Song is Fadfadaa which is a part of Crime based Hindi Movie Fadfadaa. And the most Viral News Video is Corruption in MCD. We presents both Crime Movies & Crime News Videos in Indian Prime Video Channel. Most Viral Video Episode is Sasur Bahu Najayaz Sambandh. At last, The most Viral English Song is Pewdiepie Despacito Song & Patriotic Song.

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Title Song Fadfadaa is one of the most funny dancing song of Hindi movie Fadfadaa which will be released in 2021. This song will be viral because it will be playing in all functions, parties and DJ. This Song is Choreographed and Composed by Singer and Actor Prabhat Kumar Mishra who is also Lyricist of this Song and Writer, Director and Producer of the Film. His name is nominated for Guinness Book of World Record for getting 20 Credits in a single Film Fadfadaa. This Film includes 8 Songs including sad song, romantic song, item song, item dance, funny song, hot seductive sexy song and English Song for all categories of audience of India and World.

The Most Viral Music Video Fadfadaa

The most viral song of the year is here the song Despacito is written directed and produced under Prabhat Productions. The song has more than thirty thousand views and is liked by people across the internet. Please feel free to drop your feedback on the video and share it with your friends and family. This song is a rehearsal video which is roast by dozens of famous roasters in all over world. This song is made with most searched keywords on the Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

Our future videos are “What is my IP Address”, “Who Am I?”, ” Where am I”, “Luis Fonsi Despacito”, “NDTV News are Real”, “Nudity Drugs and Prostitution”.

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Patriotic Song

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